Panera already has a restaurant with zero cashiers. Carl’s Jr. is interested. I’ve said it once (on Facebook), and I’ll say it again (here): the minimum wage hike is only causing one thing, and will only cause one further thing, maybe two:

  1. Violence will increase—committed by workers who are laid off despite stellar performance, and become increasingly disgruntled over the further lack of jobs to be found outside of specialist work.
  2. The price of goods and services may also rise, thereby changing… pretty much nothing.

Minimum wage is not meant to be livable for entire households; maybe for one super-bare-bones person living on the edge. It is just a foot in the door to get you some work experience; you’re not meant to stay there for life!

Noooooot a good idea. People with social anxiety might like the lack of human interaction, though, but that’s not something to encouraged, either. -_-

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