One of my adult piano students asked me if I could get for her an arrangement of Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On.” I told her that I’ll write it for her personally; she was floored and remarked, “Wow, you give first-class service!” Ha, maybe she forgot, as I’m pretty sure I let all my students know that my instruction includes handmade arrangements for whatever they want to play, as long as I deem them capable of it.

My Heart Will Go On

I’ve also taken up a suggestion by a new friend about omitting dynamics. I decided to completely omit dynamics and fingering from this score, so as to allow for greater student creativity. Pedagogues, put the blank space to use!

Additionally, I’ve made some revisions to the Superman theme and Happy music after students and I went through them and caught some typos and/or improvements to make, which will be accessible on the Works page.

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