Teaching & Services


“Thank you for motivating the boys. This is the most motivated they have ever been, to practice for quality not just to pass the time.” — Ovidia Carney, mother of students Peter and Matthew (Riverside County)

“I have to share with you, you inspired my husband to want to play the piano. We may both start lessons.” — Rosa Zamorano, mother of former student Isabel (Los Angeles County)

I teach private students, working with kids as young as 4 to working-class adults and retired seniors, from beginners with zero musical experience to advanced pianists seeking improvement. I believe every individual has great creative potential and can always learn to play, given a disciplined work ethic and solid technical foundation.

I regularly arrange music for my individual students (ranging from video game music to hymns) and encourage them to notate, compose, and improvise. I’m also open to live Skype or Google Hangout video-lessons and in reviewing recorded videos. Contact me and let’s schedule your first interview!

Performing & Conducting

“An exquisite artist with sensitive, sophisticated playing. He is not afraid to take risks and be different from other pianists.” – Eduardo Delgado, world-renowned concert artist and former piano instructor

Videos of me:

I play for weddings, funerals/memorial services, luncheons, and dinners for audiences of 1 to 5,000+. I’ve performed as a soloist performing with orchestras in concert halls abroad, and as well as in local senior centers, in drug-&-alcohol rehab centers in the heart of Mexico, and even inside the chapels of three prisons in Louisiana.

I play rag, jazz, classical, gospel, pop, or any provided score, whether it be a double-SATB choir work, chords/lead sheets, a single melodic line, or another form of music. I often improvise while sight-reading, a routine of mine every week in hymns to contemporary music and octavos on both piano and organ. I publicly speak and perform both in the spotlight as well as in the background, and have been an accompanist to solo instrumentalists and vocalists to large ensembles. I also lead choir rehearsals and sectionals.

Arranging & Composing
I work with the music notation software Sibelius and can engrave/digitize handwritten manuscripts of music. I’ve arranged four-part hymns and composed for concert orchestra as well as solo piano and piano-accompanied works. Here are videos of me quickly arranging on the spot:

I tune pianos of all kinds throughout Southern California with a Schaff & Hale piano-tuning lever, wedge mutes, and an electronic tuner. My charge varies based on the piano’s condition and location, and usually includes multiple follow-up visits.
I edit audio and video in ways such as: adding fading-in/-out at any time in audio tracks; converting DVD contents to other formats; joining/splitting audio and/or video files; swapping audio tracks for the same video; and converting an audio track into a video displaying one or more static images. I also create and edit graphics. Clicking these examples will show them at their full size:

WM Records HL Poster

Web Design
I maintain this website and hold almost all of the first page of Google search results for “joshua chandra,” through no advertising costs whatsoever. I’d be happy to get you started on your own website and help you claim web territory! Other examples of my work include Life Enterprises and the nonprofit Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission.

Contact me and I’ll get back to you shortly, usually within a day.