Serenade on a Full Moon

Here’s the first draft (from sketches dating back to about 2011-2012), which is bound to have revisions. I’ve been having trouble with audio playback so I can’t get any automated recordings up at the moment, but if you’re a musician who’d like to plow through it, feel free to woo someone with my first piano trio:

Serenade on a Full Moon – Violin

Serenade on a Full Moon – Violoncello

Serenade on a Full Moon – Full Score / Piano

Updates to the Freebies page

Music is only one of many elements of our lives. So every now and then, I like to prod around the internet for completely free shortcuts that make the burdens in those other life elements easier, to give us more time to do what we really want to do for Christ (or at least hopefully to help other people). So I maintain this page and update it regularly: – here’s a list below of my recent additions to it over the past month or three.


  • Betternet (discovered on /r/eFreebies): a virtual private network (VPN)-hosting service. I added this because I have contacts in China who are severely crippled by the government’s censoring of many websites. They can’t even access Facebook, but a VPN can help them to. Hopefully they’ll be able to access this.
  • GotFreeFax lets you send faxes to the US and Canada for free. I’m currently poking around for as strong a fax-receiving service, but none of the ones I’ve come across are account-free so far in the astoundingly easy way that GotFreeFax is (but probably inherently so).
    Financial Prudence:

  • Alliant Credit Union was introduced to me by an old friend with whom I’ve had great pleasure in reconnecting. Apparently we should all be with credit unions, which are superior to banks, and Alliant—which was formerly United Airlines Employees’ Credit Union—is the cream of the crop, being the 5th largest credit union in the United States with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. One aspect of it that blows me away is its instant mobile deposit-funding, which alone is enough to bring anyone over; your funds are ready for use the moment they’re deposited! Be sure to call first to ask for a code that nets you a $50 bonus after your first mobile deposit, which is how I got roped in.
  • Class Action Rebates and Top Class Actions potentially let you retrieve money from past purchases.
    Windows Programs:

  • CursorFX stylizes your mouse cursor; I like to use animated cursors for every cursor state, to be able to effortlessly observe computer lag. I’ve had CursorFX for years but had totally forgotten to add it to the list until a moment ago.
    Android Apps:

  • Etar, which I very recently stumbled upon, is far more graphically appealing than Google Calendar, essentially returning it to the previous graphical design it had before its current box-ambiguous layout.
  • Betternet also has an Android version here.
  • Cashify (which I discovered on /r/beermoney) can convert Google Opinion Rewards Play Store credit to cash, albeit for a necessarily hefty fee. There really aren’t many paid Play Store apps worth buying, so this isn’t too shabby an alternative for that sitting credit.

There are always other continuous additions to the page, but these are the brunt of it; I also readily remove ones that have since become obsolete, or can be replaced by something superior, or ones whose websites have gone defunct. Check out the entire list sometime and I’m fairly sure that you can find something of considerable use.