What if Rachmaninoff had written 30 Études-Tableaux instead of 19?
What if Chopin had written 7 Scherzi and Ballades instead of 4?
How about 10? Why not do so ourselves? Envision the possibilities!

This is my mindset. Why let yourself be bound when you can be free?
They were not gods. It is WE who are being stupid for limiting ourselves.
They were just hard workers—very, very hard workers at the right time.
We can do the same. (Or so I delude myself. I gladly persist in this delusion.)

2 thoughts on ““There is still plenty of good music to be written in C major.” – Arnold Schoenberg

  1. Arnold Schoenberg wrote, “There is still much good music that can be written in C major.”

    Sergei Prokofiev wrote, “There are still so many beautiful things to be said in C-Major.”

    Though one would be advised to find the quote in its original language to parse it carefully, the essence is the same. The expression is, though, very refined and different in each. I wish that I could cite the exact source, but I am unable.

  2. Thank you, Joshua, for reminding everyone of this quote. It has been dear to me for many years. It provided strength during the insane times forty or more years ago when academic professors of music composition wanted to ignore the great history of Western music in the name of “originality”, which, simply translated, meant “atonality”. Perhaps things are better now. Maybe the lights have been turned on again. I sincerely hope so.

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