On Computer Management

If you run a password-protected Win7, auto-log-on then auto-lock upon boot, so that your computer starts loading before needing your password, via the steps in this article, and then creating a batch file with the contents “rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation” placed in the Startup folder (create the batch file by typing that into a blank Notepad document and saving it into a file with the file extension “.bat”).

​On Driving

Try to drive no faster than 65mph, or ideally, 55mph; simply change lanes if someone behind you wants to drive faster.

If you don’t have anything pressing before your next event, leave at least ten minutes early. Who kn​​ows if you’ll encounter an accident/roadblock on the way?

Four reasons why you should always be able to see the tires of the car in front of you (particularly at red lights):

  1. don’t inhale the car’s exhaust;
  2. be able to drive around the car without reversing if the car suddenly conks out right on the spot;
  3. don’t let your car push into it if the car behind you fails to stop and rear-ends you (because, strangely enough, you’ll be held legally responsible); and
  4. give yourself some time to realize what’s happening if you’re facing up a hill, and the car’s brakes fail, causing it to start backing into you (or vice-versa: if you’re facing downhill and YOUR brakes fail for any reason!).

​If you must brake a great deal in a short distance while you’re at a fast speed, completely lower all of your vehicle’s windows while you brake to let the drag from the outside air help your vehicle show down.

On Lifestyle

Early to bed, early to rise; 10pm-2am has been considered the ideal time for the body to rejuvenate via sleep, regardless of whenever you get the same amount of hours during some other time, and you typically have the most energy when you awake.

On Practicing

Read this.