On the art of composing.

A friend asked me about what program I use to create my digitized scores. I currently use Sibelius 6.

But because my eyes hurt whenever I stare at a monitor for too long, I notate by hand before or while inputting music into Sibelius. I rather enjoy the process of writing, and as I mentioned in my last post, even just the act of evenly fitting notes to systems and making a handwritten score look neat in all ways possible is really executing a work of art in itself. It is infinitely more flexible than notating music in Sibelius, which can be a pain; with handwriting, you can erase and put whatever you want anywhere, while music compositions software is very limiting and requires extensive knowledge of exactly how to input what you want to input to get it.

In that realm, I absolutely deplore Finale. I have used Finale 2011 a couple of times and have found it extremely clunky to use, and consider its layout to be needlessly complicated. Go Finland!

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