Ongoing, and Upcoming, Events

I’ve recently been interning with Chamber Music America, under its membership manager, Aryo Wicaksono; I’ve been gathering data on all music groups in CA, county by county, and aim to eventually touch all the states. That includes all higher education (and detailed information on every single music faculty/staff member—not just their generic music@ or info@ addresses), music high schools, orchestras and other performing ensembles (down to individual chamber music groups), and performance venues. It’s going to be a killer long-term project! Chamber Music America (CMA) just had a wonderful, intimate-yet-detailed presentation at The Colburn School in Los Angeles, and its leaders are on their way to many other places.

I’m also going to be performing in the 70th birthday gala of my former piano teacher, Eduardo Delgado, in Cal State Fullerton’s Meng Concert Hall on Friday, October 4, at 8pm. My specific repertoire is listed in the schedule.

In the meantime, I have tried muscle therapy gel infused with arnica and hypericum perforatum on my thumb (yep, I’m taking the homeopathic route). The gel seems to be totally ineffective, so it’s probably not a muscle issue, then, which limits my practicing of the above ensemble music for so long at a time. It didn’t stop me from performing Bach’s delightfully simple yet complex Duetto No. 3 in G Major, BWV 804 on the organ at my church today, though.

And it certainly won’t stop me from flying over to Louisiana a few weeks after that birthday concert!

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