In other news…

I have not practiced for nearly a month now (the longest time in my entire life ever since I was first introduced to the instrument), and my thumb has not let up in its sporadic-yet-consistent pain for even a single day. I await certain insurance matters to allow for an MR Arthrogram (an injection of dye, or contrast agent), to be followed up by an MRI (which would use the MRA to detect exactly what is damaged… which I suspect is a ligament that is torn, but cannot be sure until then).

It would be madness to pursue music performance under this condition, which at one point drove me to teach myself how to write with my other hand. I will never leave music, but it need not be a breadwinner; trying to force it to be so has destroyed quite a few people’s lives.

… but I think I’ll still fly out to Master’s auditions in 2013 at Chicago (Roosevelt University) and Denton (University of North Texas) for kicks. 🙂

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