Well, this is ironic.

I’ve recently gotten onto LinkedIn and, so far, I’ve been more endorsed for music theory than I have for piano-playing, haha.

Alongside building that profile above, many things have changed. I will continue to freelance outside of school for another year in California as I work through this thumb injury. A physical therapist has shown me just some weeks ago that the issue in my thumb all these years has been none other than a chronic muscle spasm (basically a recurring cramp), which is completely treatable on my own via a daily pressure-based exercise. This is a drastically improved outcome from all the horrendous misdiagnoses that have been given to me by, literally, almost ten other doctors. And I am also experiencing a new, unexpected personal joy.

… which shall remain personal. 🙂

A curious American whose life mission is to share the glorious, mysterious love of God in every way possible.

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