An American Toccata

That’s the name of my next work—finally finished now! Begun in Nov. 2008, and touched on & off in major & minor ways over the years. I think I literally forgot about it for the entire year of 2011, so its length of time is not impressive, but rather an indicator of how busy I had gotten with other matters like school, work, and/or performances.

I do not have any recording of this work, as it has yet to be finished on my part; there is a section that requires a little composing for each performer (but in a more constrained, welcoming way than the daunting freestyle section that the Grand Waltz requires), as well as a pseudo-jazzy section that may be respelled according to the performer’s taste. I have ironically yet to complete my own rendition of that first part-to-compose and record the piece because of that rather nasty thumb injury (still trying to find a cooperative & reliable doctor). Thankfully, there are limited gaps of silence in this piece (influence of the great keyboard exploiter Domenico Scarlatti), so if need be and if I only opt for audio, I can record the work in parts and just splice them together. Mwahahaha.

Recording “the-making-of” histories to compositions is rottenly boring, so I’ll scan and upload each piece’s original autograph, as I sometimes jot down dates on the spot when different parts of pieces were being created/modified. That should be beyond satisfactory for more curious minds regarding the process of composing.

I hope my Italian in the score is acceptable. The work has yet to be performed in any way.

A curious American whose life mission is to share the glorious, mysterious love of God in every way possible.

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