Revisions, and then some…

Regarding An American Toccata:

Glenn Llorente (who is addressed in its front commentary) suggested I put in my own rendition of the Locrian section, so I finished it yesterday and put it at the back of the PDF. I also caught some glaring errors, including the lack of an end repeat after a start repeat (mm. 135-136); I had had (yes, “had had”) to copy the score to a new file to alter the page number positions, so all the previous bar, time signature, and key signature changes had to be redone manually. Must’ve missed that one.

Some other fixes were made (including tenuto marks for the measures leading into m. 135, a missing staccato dot, and dramatic changes to the dynamics in mm. 175-177) The work should now be PERFECT! Please see the new file.

You may also hear a recording of me playing through a majority of the piece here, with a copy of the unfinished score at the time about 3 weeks ago. I’ll get up a real recording of the finished product by mid-March or so.

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