Pianists & Perspective.

Pianists who possess purposeful prowess are particularly practical persons who prepare their practice with prayer & patience.

They are productive people who persistently put up with repeated pain and prevent the powerful pulls of this planet from pressing them to play poorly. THESE purpose-driven performers push themselves to not impress nor pamper nor please people, but instead surpass those impotent, pathetic goals and play their pianos with plainly perceptible passion: perhaps in praise of the pearly gates.

(That perspective is probably not popular, as its exploration is prevented &/or perverted by imprudent piles of impish people today, despite pure praise by a plethora of performers & composers in the past which indisputably points repeatedly to it—yet in more than merely my opinion, that perfect perception is from where all true potential and pure Power ultimately pours: from the One Who plowed through pain to pay the price for all peoples, Who thus ought to be repaid correspondingly, and potentially much more.)

To the point:
Please perceive this:

Practical, persistent patience is power.
All else falls apart: collapsing, dilapidated from the start.

A curious American whose life mission is to share the glorious, mysterious love of God in every way possible.

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