An American Toccata: Crude Recording

Seeing as I recorded a bit of the Toccata in January, I feel it ought to be broadcasted more openly, so here it is. You may hear my amateur audio-editing of barbarically abrupt clipping between various sections; I had done up to seven retakes to weed out mistakes, and this recording is the compiled result.

It does not follow the PDF perfectly, as the piece wasn’t quite finished when I made this recording, hence the fading-in and -out of a couple of spots, and some changes in notes as well as certain accents that don’t exist in the final score. I’ve additionally updated the PDF a second time to show some of my own choice fingering, some typo fixes, and some changes to the last page.

I’ve embedded the score below. Needless to say: play this in a live concert hall with a great deal of echo, not a dead practice room—and cut your fingernails before heading to the keys!

Click to play:
[mp3j style=”bigger2″ track=”″ title=”An American Toccata”] (Recorded Jan. 25, 2013.)

Additionally, I wasn’t really paying attention to my own dynamics, nor steadiness in tempo. Play as I write, not as I play…

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