Whoa now.

Check THIS out.

Professor Masahiro Kawakami, who teaches at the Tokyo College of Music, was a great teacher at Music Fest Perugia 2012 who improved my lame interpretations of a couple of pieces, and he recently posted about my work on his blog!

(You can send the page through Google Translate to get a slightly better understanding of what’s being said there. Copy & paste the website URL into Google Translate’s text-to-translate box, and then hit Enter.)

Speaking of that work… I’ve made one last change to the Grand Waltz score. See, this is the problem with me—I’m never done with my music. I have probably two dozen sketches since 2005 and earlier lying around, waiting for completion. For now… click “Works” under the website header to view the final score.

What I added:

  • More notes (no, not those notes—I mean one last bit of compositional history, alongside ending remarks at the bottom of that page);
  • a dedication (which I was initially toying with around February, but was later hesitant for some time after a friend notified me of The Planets, since I didn’t want to accidentally reference Holst);
  • and one last acknowledgment, to Liszt, that I had forgotten to put in the coda. (His Paganini Etude No. 2 in E-flat Major was the source of that run.)

Done, at last.

I’d better go tell Professor Kawakami.

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